Temari Ball craft workshop in the Kennet Centre

Make a beautiful Temari ball originating from China

Originating in China but now made in Japan – how beautiful are these temari balls? They are easier to make than you think and will be fabulous on your tree or if you can bear to part with them, as a gift for a friend. In Japan the gift of a temari ball, with its brilliant colours and designs, symbolises deep friendship and loyalty as well as a happy life.

Learn with Chris how to make them in this 2 1/2 hour workshop

You can purchase a kit or bring along

  • a 8cm polystyrene ball
  • a full reel (200m) of sewing cotton in your chosen colour (overlocking thread is fine)
  • and some skeins of embroidery thread in your chosen colours

or for £5.00 you can purchase a materials pack on the day

You will also need sewing supplies as follows:

  • a pack of glass headed pins.
  • a large eyed needle (a tapestry needle is perfect)
  • scissors.

Saturday 11 November 2023


Workshop makes from Feb 2023


Friday 10th & Saturday 11th November 2023
10-5pm Kennet Centre, Newbury & St Nicolas Church Hall

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